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Our Solar Electricians in Rhode Island Make Off-Grid Living More Comfortable

Are you considering off-grid living? Perhaps, you've already made the move, but you need a more sustainable power source to keep your energy bills down. Whatever the case might be, we want to offer you our seasoned solar electrician services in Rhode Island. Over the years, our company at Econ Electrical Contractors, Inc. has solely focused on traditional electrical systems and wiring.

So, we decided that helping drive the planet into a cleaner, greener hemisphere is something we wanted to be involved in. So, Econ trained in all areas of solar panel design, buildout, and installation. In fact, our company is Generac Certified in generators, solar power, and all forms of clean energy resources. So, you can count on us to have an answer to all of your geothermal, sun-power, and even windmill energy questions.

Making the switch to solar sounds like an intimidating deal to most people. However, Econ makes it a smooth process with promising results. Are you ready to learn more about our clean energy offerings? Great! You can call us today to schedule a FREE consultation. While you wait, please stop by the company blog for exciting solar news.

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How are Solar Systems Beneficial?

Here at Econ Electrical Contractors, Inc., we often get that question a lot. But, of course, it's hard to imagine that harnessing energy from the sun can get as much power into your home as using the universal power grid. Nevertheless, off-grid living truly benefits from solar panel installation, and here's why:

  • Avoid Power Outages - One incredible advantage of solar power energy is that when everyone else is experiencing blackouts due to storms or transformer malfunctions, you'll be sitting pretty with the lights on.
  • Utility Cost Reduction - Solar electricity does not draw off the general grid but through the sun. You'll watch your electricity bill decrease every month until you can eventually fire your electricity company. They may even have to pay YOU!
  • Easy to Install - Compared to traditional electrical systems, solar panels and their components are exponentially easier to install.
  • A Rural Power Source - If you live in a  rural setting and struggle with utilizing electricity from the local company because it isn't available in your area, your best option is to go solar.
  • Clean & Green - Solar power is the most sustainable way to keep your lights and appliances on. The sun can never be depleted like natural gas and coal.

As you can see, it pays to opt for a solar system significantly when you're departing from the power grid. Not only do we offer solar as an off-grid option but geothermal and generator solutions, too. Would you like more information? You can send us an email containing your solar energy and off-grid questions.


Still Thinking About Solar? Call Our Rhode Island Electricians!  

Did you know that our solar electricians in Rhode Island have years of industry experience? When it comes to traditional electrical systems, new construction, and solar energy, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. We only use high-quality tools, equipment, and materials so that your system lasts a lifetime.

A properly installed solar system is an investment you won't ever regret. Plus, Econ is available for any repair services and future maintenance that ensures the system's longevity. Now is the time to take the plunge and swap from fossil fuel energy to solar.

Why? Well, for one, in Rhode Island, there are incredible incentive and rebate programs issued by state and federal governments that are set to wrap up at the end of the year. You want to be a part of those programs because it means FREE money towards your solar system. The funds could run out before the year ends, so it's wise to begin your solar journey sooner rather than later.

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Rhode Island's Top-Rated Solar Electricians at Your Service!

For over 25 years, the owner and CEO of Econ Electrical Contractors, Inc. has served his community through high-quality energy services. The company may have gotten its start in 2012, but that certainly isn't where the expertise begins. Each licensed electrician on the team has gone through extensive training, including working under a licensed master electrician.

When there's an opportunity to further education and learn the latest solar and electrical installation and repair methods, you can bet the crew at Econ is always in attendance. Warranties back every product and service performed by the company.

Isn't it great knowing that your electrical system is installed with such precision that the company fully guarantees its functionality? Now that's some incredible customer service! We hope you choose our team for all of your electrical and solar needs.



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Whether you're looking for a sustainable energy source or need help re-wiring your residential home, our team can wrap the project up in record time. We offer low rates for residential and commercial electrical services performed by licensed electricians.



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